HUDSON — City officials are warning residents to be on the lookout for a new phone scam where scammers can "mimic" the phone numbers of city offices.

Residents are receiving calls that Caller ID shows as being from the city of Hudson, and the caller then attempts to sell them insurance or other products, and also seeks personal information, according to a city news release. The caller will hang up when they are asked why Caller ID says the call is from the city of Hudson.

"Please be aware the city of Hudson does not make unsolicited calls to residents to sell products," the city news release stated.

Officials are also reminding residents not to provide any personal or banking information over the phone.

If residents receive "an unsolicited or suspicious call" from someone who claims they are with the city, the news release said residents should "hang up and call us directly at any number listed on our official website to make sure you’re not being scammed. We won’t mind your call to check. We’d rather you be safe and keep your personal identity safe."

City officials also noted that this is the time of year for fraudulent IRS calls.

"Like the city, the IRS doesn’t call taxpayers, threaten people with arrest, or ask for personal information by phone," the news release stated.