The Ohio Society CDXVII Century will begin the new year with the state conference Feb. 23-24. It will be at the Columbus Marriot Northwest, 5605 Blazer Parkway, Dublin, Ohio. Attending this conference from the Ezekial Richardson Chapter are Sharon Snowden, state president; Megan Al Chebaina; Roberta Dodd; Lora Givler; Michelle Jay; Carol Jones and Rose McIntyre, chapter president.

The program will be given by Eric Ebinger, a novelist who will entertain with his fresh and imaginative talk, "Where Lincoln Walked." The agenda includes registration, memorial service, lunch, program, business meeting and adjournment. 

Barbara Morse Bridges Crotty passed away recently. She was the chapter’s organizing president and is a direct descendent of Ezekial Richardson who founded Woburn, Mass. She will be buried with her first husband, Bill, in Silver Lake Cemetery in Bucksport, Maine. Her grave will be marked with a bronze CDXVIIC Insignia.

Colonial Dames XVIIC welcomes new members. It is a national organization and is open to women 18 years and older who can prove lineal descent from an ancestor who lived and served prior to 1701 in one of the original colonies. Their purpose is to preserve records and historic sites, educate youth and preserve lineage and coats of arms of ancestors.

For information call Snowden at 330-699-0361.