Hudson -- Destination Hudson's Visitors Center is open with the Fire Museum scheduled to be ready after Memorial Day. A ribbon cutting is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. June 17 before the Ice Cream Social on the Clocktower Green during Hudson Festival Days.

Supporters of the Visitors Center were invited to a reception May 26 and enjoyed touring the newly renovated facility at 27 E. Main St.

Destination Hudson and the Hudson Fire Department Association worked more than two years to create the visitor center and fire museum in the former offices of city officials on the first floor of Town Hall.

Executive Director of Destination Hudson Liz Murphy greeted guests and pointed out Hudson-themed artwork hanging on the walls, donations on display in the glass cabinet and items for sale.

"We have artwork up and down the walls from many local artists," Murphy said. "Anything you want to know about Hudson you can find here."

Residents like Marty and Bob Hills donated clocktower memorabilia, which will be displayed for a couple of months.

Peninsula Architects designed the renovations, and George Roth's company, Augere Construction, did the demolition and remodeling work. His employees were busy finishing the fire museum at the back of the building during the reception.

"It was a great opportunity to convert a well-used building that has been here over 100 years and turn it into Destination Hudson and the fire museum," Roth said. "We have a lot of memorabilia that [Fire Chief] Jerry [Varnes] and the Hudson Fire Department Association has, and it's wonderful opportunity for the community to share in all this."

Active doors were being added to replace the faux doors below the "1896" marker on Church Street.

The 1859 hand pumper and either the 1928 Seagrave fire truck or 1948 Old Number 1 Mack fire truck will be rotated for exhibition in the fire museum.

The biggest impact for the public will be the men's and women's handicap accessible bathrooms that replaced the small unisex bathroom near the front door. The visitor center is open Monday through Sunday noon to 4 p.m.

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