Full name: Kennedy Raine Nietert.

Parents names: Vanessa and Kevin Nietert.

School and grade: Will be in seventh grade at Harmon School.

Jobs or chores you do: Do the dishes, clean the bathrooms, dust and take out the trash.

Activities and hobbies: I love to read and play softball and basketball.

Career aspirations: Surgeon, doctor, author or actor/singer.
Favorite food: Cucumbers.

Favorite singers or groups: Could not choose. All are very talented.

Favorite television show: “Dance Moms” and “Girl Meets World.”

Good movie you’ve seen recently or your all-time favorite: “Divergent” and “The Hunger Games.”

What’s your all-time favorite book or story? “One for the Murphys.”

What are your favorite things about your school? Everyone is friendly and super helpful.

What improvements would you like to see at school? Nothing. I love my school the way it is.

Who, other than your parents, do you look up to most? My grandparents, because they teach us not to care what other people say.

What would you change about yourself and why? To have straight teeth, because I hate my braces.

Do you collect anything? Hiking stick medallions.

Do you have any pets? A dog name Cocoa.
What was your best vacation? The Outer Banks with my whole family.

If you become a parent, what advice will you give your children? Stay in school.

What famous person would you like to meet most? Jennifer Lawrence.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Hawaii.