COLUMBUS, OHIO (July 27, 2015) - The Ohio Water Environment Association held its 2015 annual Awards of Excellence Banquet on June 24 at the Kalahari Convention Center in Sandusky, Ohio.


OWEA is pleased to present Donna Kniss from Ohio EPA NEDO with the L.T. “Tom” Hagerty Award. This award is presented to a public agency employee who unselfishly provides guidance and assistance to wastewater plant operators and superintendents as a part of his/her duties within an agency.


The OEPA’s Northeast District Office has a dominant share of the State’s approved pretreatment programs and has a reputation as the “go to” section in Ohio for information on how to deal with the multitude of complex issues facing POTWs from industrial waste contributors. Donna Kniss has played a major role in this accomplishment. Through her dedicated and award-winning work at the Ohio EPA’s Northeast District Office over the past 20 years, she has assisted numerous municipalities and industries in attaining and maintaining permit compliance through effective industrial pretreatment preforming.


Donna is currently the industrial pretreatment technical assistance contact for the NEDO pretreatment oversight program. Donna is Chair of the NE Section’s Pretreatment Subcommittee. She has organized numerous ˝ day free pretreatment coordinator training events. If you have a pretreatment question, Donna is the person to ask!

For more information, please contact:

Judi Henrich

The Ohio Water Environment Association