Hudson - The city of Hudson is developing a Broadband Needs Assessment and Business Plan that will examine the current state of the city's broadband services to identify ways the City can positively impact the delivery of broadband internet services in Hudson.

To develop this plan, the city has launched a business broadband survey and a residential broadband survey, both of which will help the city gauge the broadband needs of Hudson community.

Broadband has become an indispensable utility of the 21st century, critical to conducting business and staying connected in today's high-tech world. Broadband is high-speed internet that can be transmitted through one of three mediums: copper wire, wireless, and optical fiber. The city is specifically interested in the benefits of optical fiber because it is the fastest, safest and most reliable way to access broadband today, outpacing the copper wire used in DSL and cable and the wireless connections provided by cell carriers.

"Our first step in this process is to assess the current broadband capacity and determine ways to help ensure we have access to the broadband and technology we need for Hudson to thrive," said City Manager Jane Howington. "We encourage Hudson residents to make their voices heard by taking the short residential survey on the city's website."

The city has reached out to the professional community to investigate the broadband needs of local companies, and now Hudson wants to hear from its residents about the broadband needs specific to those who live within the Hudson community.

Why fiber? Fiber optic broadband offers a potential solution to problems created by current broadband connections, such as cable and wireless. City-wide optical-fiber would allow individuals to stream multi-media on cell phones, laptops and televisions throughout the house with less buffering time and less interruption. Personal data could be backed up safely and securely in seconds, and the technology would provide for increased HD quality internet streaming and a better gaming experience. Working from home would become easier and more efficient as home businesses could have access to the speed and bandwidth otherwise unavailable, allowing home businesses the capacity to compete online with larger brick-and-mortar companies.

"City Council considers this project a priority in our strategic planning, but before we can take on a project like this, we need to know the level of high-speed broadband fiber our community wants and needs," said Howington.

Take the business or residential survey on Hudson's website at

The survey takes less than five minutes and the information is critical to development of the Broadband Initiative.