Boy Scout Troop 327 of the Hudson United Methodist Church recently awarded the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank in Boy Scouting, to four of its members -- Devin Lee, Justin Redslob, Ethan Machock and Zach Bruce. All four young men began their scouting careers at different phases of Cub Scouting, from Tiger to Wolf. During the Eagle ranking process, each of these scouts were charged with the task of seeking out beneficial community projects, defining the project parameters, raising necessary funds, and leading teams of other scouts in completing those projects.

Devin Lee, whose Court of Honor ceremony was on Oct. 27, 2013 at the Hudson United Methodist Church, began the scouting program in 2006. With 35 badges under his belt, Devin has also completed National Youth Leadership Training. He spearheaded a hefty renovation of the preschool playground at the Hudson United Methodist Church that involved removing all of the rubber mulch from the playground, as well as the dilapidated sandbox.

He and his fellow scout team then replaced this mulch and constructed a new sandbox from composite timbers that will never need replacement. Prior to this project, Devin and his family installed shade sails on the playground, because they had noticed that it was in a largely sunny location and wanted both the children and teachers of the preschool to feel more comfortable during the hot summer months.

Justin Redslob began his scouting career in the first grade as a Tiger Cub with Pack 3321. Aside from earning the Eagle Scout rank, Justin most enjoyed being able to do things that he would not have normally done, like trekking the Philmont Ranch in New Mexico, which he also believes to be his most significant scouting experience. While pursuing the Eagle Scout rank, Justin led a project to build and install mile markers along the Turnpike and Maple Grove Trails in Hudson. His Eagle Court of Honor ceremony took place at the Congregational Church in Hudson on Feb. 1.

Ethan Machock entered scouting as a Wolf Cub with Pack 3321. The highlight of his scouting experience was trekking the Philmont Ranch in New Mexico. Scouting has also provided Ethan with the leadership skills that will follow him throughout his life and enabled him to successfully complete his Eagle team project of building and installing a pergola with benches on the grounds of Pawsibilities animal shelter in Twinsburg Township so that the employees and animals would be more comfortable while outside. Ethan celebrated his Court of Honor ceremony at Christ Community Chapel in Hudson on March 16.

Zach Bruce began scouting as a Cub in Pack 3322. Although he crossed over to Boy Scout Troop 321, he later moved to Troop 327. There have been many highlights to scouting; however, Zach noted one particular National Youth Leadership Training camp-out which culminated in a thunderstorm that drove one hundred campers from their tents into a small lodge. He has gained many skills from scouting, though he most appreciates having learned public speaking, etiquette, and the first aid and orienteering skills that are not taught in school, but which might one day "save your life". For his Eagle Scout project, Zach led a team of fellow scouts in constructing and installing two-sided benches at the main entrance of Hudson High School. A Court of Honor ceremony is planned for later this spring.