GOJO Industries Inc. has announced the acquisition of Laboratoires Prodene Klint. The two companies are joining forces to advance a shared vision of global leadership, according to a news release from GOJO.

Based in France, Prodene Klint specializes in professional hygiene, cosmetics and disinfectant products. GOJO, based in Akron, is the global leader in skin health and hygiene products for away-from-home settings. GOJO has a manufacturing center at 3783 State Road in Cuyahoga Falls. As of 2012, GOJO was the second-largest employer in Cuyahoga Falls, according to Jennifer Syx, deputy development director for the city of Cuyahoga Falls. GOJO product brands include GOJO soaps and hand cleaners and PURELL Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer.

"We are pleased to welcome Prodene Klint to the GOJO family," said Mark Lerner, GOJO President and COO. "Both Prodene Klint and GOJO, as third-generation, family-owned companies and category leaders, will advance our shared vision as the global leader in healthy skin and healthy places. The strategic expansion with Prodene Klint provides many opportunities for learning and positive synergies for both organizations."

"What intrigued us most about expanding with a leader like GOJO was the similarity of vision," said Eric Vignot, CEO, Prodene Klint. "Prodene Klint and GOJO will expand our geographic footprint, serve global customers and expand access to diverse ideas and resources. Joining with GOJO is a win-win for Prodene Klint, our employees and customers. We are excited about the opportunities ahead."

"The impact of the strategic expansion of GOJO and Prodene Klint is a positive net gain for employees and operations," said Samantha Williams, public relations director for GOJO Industries. "There is the opportunity to manufacture some Prodene Klint products at GOJO Lippman Campus. In addition, we have the opportunity to manufacture some of the GOJO products we sell in Europe at the Prodene Klint facility in France."

Williams added the move "is a win-win for GOJO, Prodene Klint, our customers and our employees."

She also noted it is too early in the collaborative process "to make predictions on future employment."

The GOJO product portfolio includes hand cleaning, handwashing, hand sanitizing and skin care formulas under the GOJO, PURELL and PROVON brand names. GOJO is a privately held corporation headquartered in Akron, with offices in the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Japan and Brazil.

GOJO employs nearly 1,600 people worldwide, said Williams, who added the corporation does not disclose the number of employees it has at specific facilities.

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