Boston Heights -- A company which has been located in the same Cuyahoga County village for more than 20 years is moving south to Summit County in the new year.

Arhaus Furniture will bring 230 jobs to Boston Heights when it constructs a $35 million facility and relocates its corporate headquarters and distribution center from Walton Hills to the former site of the Boston Hills Country Club on East Hines Hill Road near state Route 8, according to Greg Teed, Arhaus' chief financial officer.

Pending approval by Boston Heights Council and a variety of legal issues, the move is "a done deal," according to Teed.

"We are still designing our facility," Teed said. "It will be substantially larger to not only accommodate the growth we've experienced recently in staff numbers and product assortment, but continued success and expansion that we are planning for the next 10 years."

The move would also allow for the creation of 30 new jobs each year, according to Teed.

"We have 250,000 square feet right now and we are relatively land locked, " Teed said Dec. 19. "The new building we are going to be building in Boston Heights will be 800,000 square feet, expandable to 1 million. And we need it -- we are growing so rapidly the idea of scratching out a few more feet in Walton Hills was just not feasible."

The location was one of four being considered, according to Teed. The Boston Heights site was picked due to the size and accessibility to the expressway.

"We are right there on the turnpike," Teed said. "We have so many trucks running east and west, because we are now in 46 states."

There will be about 120,000 square feet dedicated to home offices, with the remaining 600,000 to 700,000 square feet dedicated to warehouse space, Teed said.

"There will be no retail, at least initially, at that site," Teed said.

Boston Heights Mayor Bill Goncy said his village is "excited to welcome such a reputable and responsible company to the village."

"Their commitment is not only to sustainability in the design and construction of their furnishings, but to minimizing their impact on our local environment with energy efficiencies for all buildings," Goncy said. "This is a complement to the other companies already here and our residents. We look forward to having them as a corporate partner for many years to come."

The relocation will put about $6 million into village coffers over the 15 years of the community reinvestment area agreement, Goncy said.

"I feel for Walton Hills, but the way I feel better about this is at least we are keeping the money, the business and jobs in Northeast Ohio," Goncy said.

Boston Heights Council will vote on the community reinvestment area agreement Jan. 7, according to Goncy.

At 230 jobs, Arhaus will be the largest employer in Boston Heights, Goncy added.

"We want to provide whatever we can for them, so they will stay in Ohio," Goncy said.

Walton Hills officials are still hoping to keep the company in the village.

"We understand and appreciate the desire of Arhaus Furniture to build an expanded facility to match their growing business," Walton Hills Mayor Kevin Hurst said Dec. 19. "In that light, we have been diligent and proactive by offering the leadership of Arhaus economic incentive packages and options for their facility to grow within the village."

"We will make every effort to keep Arhaus Furniture in Walton Hills," said Denny Linville, Walton Hills Village Council President. "This is a critical issue for our taxpayers, and we pledge to keep our residents informed as more details become available."

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