Hudson -- Hines Hill Road will be paved this year with one-foot berms and gravel, but bike lanes and bike and hike trail will wait.

City Engineer Thom Sheridan presented two options at a Council workshop April 9 for work on Hines Hill Road to create a bike and hike path. One would add four-foot berms for bike lanes on each side of the road for 0.35 miles during repaving. The other option was for a separate bike and hike eight-foot wide path adjacent to the south side of the road.

Council decided not to go with either option and recommended Sheridan have the Ohio Department of Transportation go ahead with plans to pave Hines Hill Road.

"Resurface Hines Hill Road and be done with it," said Council member Dennis Hanink.

The project had been delayed two months while Sheridan researched the bike trail options.

ODOT will provide 80 percent of the funding for the $540,000 resurfacing project. The city pays $108,000.

Council members were concerned about putting a trail or bike lanes on Hines Hill Road and then waiting years for Boston Heights to connect its trail to it or the trail to be connected from Prospect Street to downtown.

Council member Keith Smith said he needed to see the bigger picture of park trails.

Park Superintendent Eric Hutchinson said the proposed Heights to Hudson Trail would connect a proposed trail in Boston Heights to the proposed trail along Hines Hill Road, and turn south at Prospect Road until it joins with trails at Veterans Way Park.

The park board is seeking funding for the approximately $2.6 million project, said Park Board Chair Rob Swedenborg. Boston Heights part of the proposed trail is $1.46 million.

The Hines Hill Road path is part of the leg that connects Ashbrooke Way and Maple Grove Park to downtown, said Council member Dan Williams.

"The parks have looked at the big picture," Williams said. "Planning is long-term."

Council members wanted to see the overall plan by the park board at another Council workshop.

Sheridan said the mapping department is working on an overlay sidewalk plan and how it would work with the park plan and could present it May 7.


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