by Amanda Harnocz


Munroe Falls -- The Munroe Falls Park Board is in the process of enlarging the amphitheater site with "the old building blocks from the Munroe Falls dam" and adding a performance stage, Park Boardmember Ron Meyer said.

The amphitheater site is located just north of the Cuyahoga River on Route 91 in Munroe Falls.

Park Board met Dec. 6 to discuss plans to create a larger amphitheater and to create a road going to the site.

"We would like to save as many of the old stones that were used from the old dam -- we would like to put them to memorable use," Meyer said.

Currently, the amphitheater seats approximately 80 people, he said, adding there are four rows of seats.

"Park Board would certainly like to enlarge it so we could seat perhaps 150 people," said Meyer.

The stones from the former dam would be used to create more seats and additional rows at the site.

The stones are currently piled up near Route 91 by the Cuyahoga River, Meyer said.

"We would like to memorialize the dam," he said.

The Park Board is working on expanding the site because the members feel it will be more useful and functional for the residents, Meyer said.

Another idea being discussed is building a stage with the amphitheater.

"Park Board wants to make a natural looking stage for outdoor theater, not just bands," said Meyer.

According to Meyer, Mayor Frank Larson is in the process of getting estimates for the project.

Larson could not be reached for comment by press time.

"Park Board doesn't have the money for this project," Meyer said.

Once plans are finalized with the Park Board, Meyer hopes the project will go to City Council to try and get funds for the project.

Additionally, "We are going to try to get some grants or a donation," he said.

Meyer resigned from Park Board effective Dec. 31 to fulfill his newly elected Council position. However, Meyer said, "I'll be at the Park Board meetings still, regardless."

Meyer's position will remain vacant until a resident of Munroe Falls is interested in the position.

Any resident, not currently holding an elected office or is not employed by the city, can volunteer for the position.

Interested candidates should contact Larson at City Hall.

The next Park Board meeting is scheduled for Jan. 3 at 7 p.m. at City Hall.


Phone: 330-686-3947