by Mike HixenbaughReporterWhen most political candidates announce their intentions to run for office, they don't mean it literally. Brett McClafferty does.In September, the 20-year-old Streetsboro graduate announced plans to run against Portage County Commissioner Chris Smeiles in the Democratic primary.Today (Oct. 31), while carrying his petitions and official declaration of candidacy, he will run roughly 16 miles from Aurora to the Portage County Board of Elections in Ravenna. When he arrives, he intends to submit the paperwork at the county office.If McClafferty completes the run, $1,480 will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, he said."It will be the final day of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month," McClafferty said. "My grandmother and my aunt both battled the disease, so this is the least I can do."It's not an overwhelming amount of money, but if we can help someone get treatment or make one person's life a little easier, it'll be worth it."Donning a pink "Vote for McClafferty" T-shirt, he plans to begin his journey at the Aurora Starbucks. He said he will travel south on Route 43 before taking Route 59 east into Ravenna.McClafferty gathered pledges from more than 10 sources -- mostly Streetsboro business owners -- who were willing to donate to the cause if he's able to complete today's run."THE point is to demonstrate my desire to truly help people," said McClafferty, who is seeking a political science degree at Cleveland State University. "That's what I'll do with this run and that will be one of my goals as commissioner."In May, McClafferty ran for mayor of Streetsboro at the age of 19, finishing just one vote shy of moving on to the November ballot. If elected commissioner, he would be the youngest Portage County elected official. Even at his age, McClafferty believes he has enough political experience to fill the position.Prior to running for mayor, McClafferty worked at the law firm for Williams, Welser and Kratcoski in Kent. He is also the treasurer of Young Citizens for a Better Streetsboro, a political-action group.During his attempt to complete a partial-marathon, McClafferty said he expects his age will be an advantage. His youth, he said, will also be helpful in his run for county commissioner."I'm confident I'll complete the run," said McClafferty, who was a four-year baseball standout at Streetsboro High School. "I'm not a distance runner, though. It'll feel good to finish and I plan to push myself. Regardless, I can assure you that I'll be sleeping good on Wednesday night."Editor's note: Hixenbaugh is a reporter for the Record-Courier. E-mail: Telephone: 330-296-9657