by Lauren KruparReporterCuyahoga Falls -- When D.C. Prive takes the stage at Falls River Square Aug. 3, it won't be as a typical rock band. All but one of the band members are Cuyahoga Falls police officers."The guys we work with are probably going to come looking for a train wreck," band member Don Patterson said. "We aren't going to give it to them."D.C. Prive will take the stage at the amphitheater in Falls River Square Aug. 3 at 5 p.m., before the night's Rockin' on the River concert, and play a mix of rock n' roll and country for an hour."This is a great opportunity to show the public a side of a police officer besides the police work," Chief John Conley said. "What they're doing here is not only raising money but also awareness. I hope they have a great turnout."Patterson said he approached a fellow officer, Ed Dennis, with the idea to form the band last fall. Soon officers Brian Jones, Dominic Perella, Todd Shafer and Brett Reynolds joined. "I knew we had a lot of really good musicians in the police department," Patterson said. "I just had to find out who could play what."Lead guitarist Terry Bland is the only member of the band who has a civilian job -- he teaches music at the Falls Music Academy.The band takes its name and inspiration from Sgt. 1st Class Dan Crabtree, a Cuyahoga Falls Police Officer who was killed while serving in the Army in Al Kut, Iraq, June 8, 2006."We started off wanting to do a tribute to Dan Crabtree and his family," Patterson said. "D.C. is for Dan Crabtree and the prive -- well, that's a word Dan used all the time for private, the lowest rank. Dan used it for when you screwed up as a good-natured jab in the ribs."The band planned to donate all the proceeds to the Crabtree family. Sgt. 1st Class Crabtree resided in Green with his wife and daughter.But when Patterson contacted the Crabtree family about the concert they suggested another group of people who could benefit from the funds more -- returning soldiers who had been injured in the fighting -- soldiers such as Army Spc. Adam Poppenhouse, a Cuyahoga Falls native who was injured while serving in Iraq."They wanted it to be more of a community-oriented thing for all the families who have servicemen who were injured or killed over there," Patterson said. "All of the families of fallen soldiers said we should give the money to injured veterans."In addition to seeking donations at the concert, the band also will sell T-shirts. The shirts, in large, extra-large and extra-extra-large, will be $12 each or two for $20. The cameo-colored shirts will be printed with "Rockin' for Crabby" on the front along with the date and the names of the band members."These families have given everything they can give," Patterson said. "We want to give them something."While Patterson said band members do not know how many people may attend or how much will be raised, he said they are ready for a crowd."We are trying to get as many people there as possible," Patterson said. "If nothing else, our families will be there -- maybe."Editor's note: Krupar is a reporter with the Cuyahoga Falls News-Press.E-mail: lkrupar@recordpub.comPhone: 330-686-3915