by Kristin Casale


Stow -- The Stow-Munroe Falls Board of Education approved a number of personnel actions during its June 25 meeting, including layoffs and new hires.

The Board unanimously approved a recommendation from District Business Manager Tom Adams to lay off 14 classified employees.

"Most of [the laid-off jobs] are special education positions that won't be needed for the 2007-08 school year," he said, stating none of the reductions are related to the failure of the school district's levy issue in May.

The following staff members who were laid off earned annual salaries: special education assistant Julie Alston, $23,219; special education assistant Cheryl Crabtree, $23,697; instructional assistant Sandra Durieux, $23,100; instructional assistant Gaynal Goebbel, $23,697; special education assistant Anna Hale, $4,818; instructional assistant Deborah Long, $23,697; medical assistant Sue McCausland, $24,322; medical assistant Karen McGarvey, $11,088; instructional assistant Lucinda McQuillen, $23,697; special education assistant Kelly Mifflin, $18,175; instructional assistant Anne Panaia, $23,100; and instructional assistant Dannette Yarosik, $23,697.

Also laid off were the following staff members, who earned hourly wages: custodial floater Debbie Cunningham, $15.84; and custodian Jeff Nutter, $16.28.

Adams said the people who have been laid off have the opportunity to apply for any vacant positions that become available during the 2007-08 school year.

He said the custodians were laid off because other employees with more seniority were able to exercise "bumping rights" to fill the positions.

Board renews business manager's contract

The Board also voted to renew Adams' contract at an annual salary of $81,000, according to District Interim Treasurer Greg Sciola.

Sciola said Adams' previous contract was for two and a half years, and the new contract is for three years. Adams' salary did not increase with the contract renewal, according to Sciola.

Adams said he is happy to continue his service with the district.

"I have enjoyed working in the district and for the Board, and I am looking forward to the next three years," he said. "At times it does have its challenges, but as long as the decisions I make are ultimately in the best interest for the children, the rewards are there."

Assistant principal retires

The Board approved the retirement of Kimpton Middle School Assistant Principal William Humble June 25.

Humble earned $53,575 as assistant principal. He could not be reached for comment by press time.

District Superintendent Dr. Russell Jones said the district will take steps to replace Humble immediately.

District hires five teachers

The Board of Education approved one-year contracts for five new teachers at the following salaries June 25: Lauren Alexander, zero years experience, $32,673; Michael Bendgen, two years experience, $35,221; Audrey Bodnar, six years experience, $48,487; Maria Conkle, three years experience, $38,129; and Amanda Sutphin, zero years experience, $32,673.


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