Stow - Summit County officials have ordered TRC Industries to stop discharging waste byproducts into the sewer system.

According to Summit County Department of Environmental Services Director David Marquard, county officials are testing for potentially explosive levels of gas vapors and hydrogen sulfide gas.

"We don't know the levels of sulfide," he said. "But, we told the company not to discharge its processed water until we test it. They are storing it in a tank, and if it is an acceptable level, we will let them discharge it into our sewer system."

TRC started using a non-synthetic material to recycle rubber last year, and the new product was emitting an odor. In April, company officials installed equipment that reduces the odor by cooling and condensing the steam so it is discharged into the sewer rather than the air.

Marquard said he does not know when testing will be complete.

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