by Andrea Cole

Associate Editor

During a storm June 19, there was mostly "minor tree damage" in Stow, said Service Director Dano Koehler.

"There was a tree down on Fishcreek [Road]," he said. "Our department was the first to be called, because barricading was needed."

According to Stow Arborist Sue Mottl, the city's urban forestry employees removed the cherry tree, which was on Fishcreek Road, northwest of Sowul Road.

"The tree was blocking the whole road," she said. "It was first reported to the dispatch center, but they reported it to us."

According to Mottl, the tree blocked the road for nearly 90 minutes. The city's dispatch center received a call about the tree June 19 at 3:40 p.m., according to the police records department.

"There also was a small sweet gum tree down on Fox Run [Drive], but it was between the curb and the sidewalk," said Mottl. "Because it wasn't an immediate threat, we removed it [the morning of June 20]."

Mottl said if trees or branches fall in the road during a storm, residents can contact the city for assistance.

"If it needs to be removed immediately because it's blocking traffic or is near a telephone wire, dispatch should be called," she said.

To contact the dispatch center, call 330-689-5700. To reach the urban forestry department, call 330-689-5120.

According to the Munroe Falls police clerk Debbie Ritzinger, the department did not receive any calls regarding storm damage June 19. Munroe Falls residents can report fallen trees or branches on roadways to the police department at 330-688-7494.

Ohio Edison area manager Dennis Prough said the storm did not cause any "significant outages in the area."

"We are paged if there are circuit outages, which means we lose power for 700 to 2,000 homes," he said. "We dodged a bullet. Most of the outages occurred east of the area, near Mahoning County."


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