by Brent Hovey


Bainbridge -- A Geauga Lake roller coaster caused a bit of a scare among two dozen riders June 16.

The Raging Wolf Bobs failed to make it up a hill and rolled backward before resting in a valley between two hills, said Bryan Edwards, a park spokesman.

The incident occurred at about 11:45 a.m. and Edwards said there were 24 passengers in the car.

Edwards said all were safely removed from the train and treated by Geauga Lake emergency medical technicians. By 12:45 p.m., all were released back into the park.

No cause for why the train didn't make it up the hill was given by press time June 18.

"We're looking at it today [Monday]," said Edwards. "As soon as we address the situation and are confident the problem is corrected and the ride is working properly, we'll reopen it to the public."

Edwards said he is not sure if the problem has ever happened to the Raging Wolf Bobs before.

The Raging Wolf Bob is a coaster which gives riders a 2 1/2-minute ride on a 3,426-foot track featuring 13 hills, an 80-foot drop and speeds of 42 mph.


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