The value of building activity for which the city granted permits in April was $1.48 million, including $1.1 million for residential and $375,000 for commercial.

The commercial projects included interior and exterior alterations to the Baby & Kids Gap store at Aurora Farms Premium Outlets and Michael Kors at the same shopping complex.

Forty-eight licenses were issued, included 35 for general work, seven of electrical and three each for heating-air conditioning and plumbing.

Revenue included $9,967 for building permits, $,800 for licenses, $1,524 from impact fees, $326 from miscellaneous and $101 from state fees.

With completion deposits of $2,915 and topography deposits of $10,000, the total building department revenue for the month was $29,633.

Inspectors made 185 residential inspections and 79 commercial inspections during April.

Police Chief Seth Rie-waldt reported 14 Part I offenses occurred in April, including 13 thefts and one assault.

Other offenses included domestic violence, four incidents; disorderly conduct, three; suicide attempt or threat and vandalism-criminal mischief, two each; and runaway juvenile, junk vehicles, suicide and fraud-identity theft, one each.

Officers filed 114 reports, handled 108 traffic-related situations and 1,171 service-related activities for a total of 1,346 calls.

Officers investigated 24 traffic accidents, three of which involved injuries. There were no fatalities, and 13 people were issued citations for accidents.

Twenty-two adults were charged with criminal activity, while 99 were cited for traffic violations. Officers made 414 total traffic stops.

Five juveniles were cited for traffic offenses, four were deemed to be unruly and 12 were referred to juvenile court.

OFFICERS drove city vehicles 18,269 miles in April. The total for the first four months of 2007 was 79,389, compared to 70,436 last year for the same period.

Fire Chief David Barnes reported crews responded to 37 fire alarms and made 129 rescue runs. There were fire-related deaths, and fire loss amounted to $28,000.

Crews made 24 trips each to St. Vincent Emergency Center in Solon and Hillcrest Hospital, eight to Robinson Memorial, six each to Bedford and Southpoint, three to Marymount and two to other hospitals.

Nobody was transported by medical helicopter.

The No. 1 reason for rescue calls was trauma, lacerations and sprains (20 incidents), followed by breathing difficulties (17), cardiac pain and dizziness-weakness (12 each) and sudden illness (11).

Hazards found during fire inspections were fire alarm systems out of service and faulty electrical wiring. Two correction notices were served.

Water and sewer permit revenue totaled $20,654 in April, including $10,626 from the Homestead subdivision and $10,028 from individuals.

Cemetery revenue was $1,688, including $1,320 for vault interment, $319 for ash interment, $37.50 for sales of lots and $12.50 for perpetual care.

The city's contractors collected 423 tons of trash and 119 tons of recyclables, a ratio of 78 percent to 22 percent.

Out of 20 water hardness readings taken in April, eight exceeded the target level of 150 milligrams per liter. The average was 139.

Eighty-six private septic systems were cleaned in April, bringing the total for the first four months of 2007 to 208. Gallons of sewage removed from the systems totaled 324,296.