Last month the Rev. Matthew Everhard, Associate Pastor of Hudson Presbyterian Church, celebrated the release of his second published book. This time, Pastor Everhard took on the very controversial topic of abortion. In his new book Abortion: The Evangelical Perspective, he tries to answer questions like: Is there a historical consensus on how Christians ought to look at abortion? What do the most direct biblical passages say about this topic? Under what circumstances, if any, is abortion a moral choice? How do pro-life Christians respond to pro-choice arguments?

Marie Bowen, the executive director of Presbyterians Pro-Life said this, "The strengths of Everhard's book, Abortion: The Evangelical Perspective, are his wonderful logic and his focus on Scripture. His coverage of the topic is comprehensive, yet easy to read and engaging in style. Everhard's treatment of the arguments shows thoughtful development and depth without becoming overly academic. As a person engaged in pro-life leadership within the church, I welcome this new book as a resource that is a useful educational tool for furthering productive discussion about abortion."

The book is now available to the public from ($14.95) or direct from the publisher, BIBAL Press for $10.95. To order, call 1-888-788-2280.