New renters in Cuyahoga Falls will see higher security deposits for city-run utilities, and landlords could pay the balance on delinquent water and sewer accounts under a measure approved by City Council Monday night.

City Council OK'd changing the city's procedures on utility billing to include additional fees, higher utility security deposits and a lien on a property with delinquent water and sewer accounts.

Law Director Virgil Arrington said all but one of the changes will be implemented as soon as possible. The change establishing a late fee on bills not paid in full by the due date is effective as of Sept. 1.

Councilman Doug Flinn (R-4) cast the lone dissenting vote, saying he opposed setting up the lien procedure because he felt the city should try using the increased security deposits and fees to cover the delinquent fees.

Service Director Valerie Wax Carr said the number of delinquent utility accounts on rental property has increased 140 percent since 2003 and the city has accumulated about $1 million in overdue utility bills in the past decade.

For more information on the changes to utility billing in the city, see the June 24 edition of the Cuyahoga Falls News-Press.