by Andrea Cole

Associate Editor

Stow -- Spectrum Surgical Instruments' $2 million expansion project is expected to be completed by the end of this year. The expansion will double the size of the building and add up to 50 jobs.

Alex Vrancich, vice president and general manager of Spectrum, said the company is expanding its 8,800-square-foot facility by nearly 8,000 square feet. The company also is extending its parking area by 64 parking spaces, bringing the total parking spaces to 98. Spectrum, at 4575 Hudson Drive in Stow, is involved in the sale and repair of surgical instruments and accessories.

"The project is being completed in phases," he said. "We started the work in April. We're creating parking spaces, then we'll start the work on the building. The two buildings will be connected by a 20-feet walkway, but the buildings will be separate."

Vrancich added renovations will be made to the existing building.

"We'll overhaul the entire building," he said. "We're getting all new office furniture, and upgrading the overall appearance."

According to Spectrum President and Chief Executive Officer Rick Shultz, the total project costs approximately $2 million.

Vrancich said the expansion is planned "because of the positive growth in the company."

"When we came here in 1998 [from Beachwood], we had 13 employees; now, we have 70-plus," he said. "At that time, we talked about renting out the building, but before we knew it, we were stacking people on top of each other and using hallways for cubicle space."

With the expansion will come new employees, said Vrancich, stating between seven and 10 will be added each year for the next five years. He could not provide the average salary of the employees.

Stow Planning Director Ken Trenner said he is pleased with the project.

"They are doing really well in Stow," he said. "We're always happy when a company expands in the city. Spectrum is just the type of company that we like to see in Stow. I think this [is] a good project for the community."


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