by Kristin Casale


Munroe Falls -- The Munroe Falls Charter Review Commission is recommending 12 changes to the city charter, but a call for a city manager or full-time mayor is not among them.

Several members of the commission presented the group's list of suggested charter amendments to City Council June 12.

The commission debated for several months whether to propose an amendment to change the mayor's job from a part-time to a full-time position and also considered an amendment that would create a city manager post.

Mayor Frank Larson, who earns $24,000 annually, supports designating his position as a full-time job, and raising the position's salary to reflect that.

"The position [unofficially] is full time," he said. "It's just part-time pay. It's something that really should be done."

Commission Chairperson Ron Budzowski said the group rejected the idea because the commission believes the city would be better served by a city manager who oversees all the city's operations.

But the commission thinks it is too soon to create a city manager position, Budzowski said.

Members of the commission asked Council to form a committee to explore the creation of the position.

"It would probably take two years of pretty steady work," said Budzowski.

Council President Mike O'Donnell said Council would consider the recommendation.

"You guys worked really hard on this, and we appreciate it," he told the commission. "You did an excellent job."

The amendments are scheduled to receive first readings during Council's June 19 meeting at 7 p.m. in Munroe Falls City Hall.

Legislation typically receives three readings before a vote is taken.


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