Twinsburg resident Sally Gaydosh argued in a March 30, 2005, civil complaint that the city violated the Ohio Revised Code and the city charter when it annexed six properties from Twinsburg Township without voter approval. The civil complaint regarding one of those properties, a 26-acre parcel on Chamberlin Road, was settled in May 2006, when voters approved the rezoning of the land from township industrial I-2 to city I-2.

The other five parcels mentioned in Gaydosh's complaint are included in the city's revised version of Title 3, a section of the city's zoning code regulating land use. Title 3 was scheduled to go before the voters in May, but did not make the ballot.

City officials are anticipating Title 3 will be on the November ballot, and Warner Mendenhall, Gaydosh's attorney, said such a move would end Gaydosh's complaint.

Twinsburg Township intervened in Gaydosh's suit in 2005, alleging the city owes it property taxes collected on 16 parcels annexed from the township.

-- Compiled by Joe Murphy