Dinah Chen was named Aurora High School's top senior at the annual end-of-year academic awards May 14 in the auditorium. She also is the class of 2007's valedictorian.

The award was presented by All-Sports Boosters officers Mike Tinlin and Dan Fiore.

Chen, who will be a summa cum laude graduate next month and was a member of the AHS girls tennis team, also earned an award from the Cleveland Association of Phi Beta Kappa.

She was a finalist in the National Merit Scholarship program and was the outstanding student in international baccalaureate visual arts, IB biology and IB Spanish and earned a silver award in the Akron Beacon Journal star students program.

She received scholarships from Arthur and Ruth Moebius, the Aurora Kiwanis Club and the high school student council.

Others earning scholarships from local groups are:

American Red Cross -- Alexis Davis, Lindsey Colangelo; All-Sports Boos-ters -- Jessica Grabnic, Tom Heraghty, Steve Fiore, Chris Dennison, Davis, Colangelo; Aurora Chamber of Commerce -- Sarah Radis.

Aurora Choir Boosters -- Kylie Lammers, Ashley Kearney, Aubrey Wilson; Aurora Community Theatre -- Brian Heigel, Jennifer Messner, Wilson; AEA -- Carolyn Connell, Wilson, Theresa Spisak, Colangelo.

AHS National Honor Society book -- Grabnic; AHS Student Council -- Davis, Lammers, Colangelo; Aurora Historical Society -- Kevin Wolf; Aurora Kiwanis -- Michael Lajeunesse, Alex Ignatious, Sarah Oden, Sarah Radis.

Aurora Orchestra Association -- Christine Kobyljanec; Aurora PTO -- Ignatious, Patty Sheehan, Spisak, Shynice Steward; Aurora Rotary -- Samantha Porcaro; Aurora Schools Foundation -- Nicole Mormile, Walter Altmann, Mike Lajeunesse, Christina Best, Wilson.

Aurora Women's Club book -- Vincent Kravetz, Dan Barna; Brookhart band -- Robert Demyan, Stephen Bold; rock emporium -- Teale Bennett, Best; diversity promotion -- Radis, Stephanie Tinlin; Dr. Cabi health-science -- Brianna Krafcik.

Home Savings -- Ignatious; James Michael O'Brien -- Colangelo; Jennifer Elliott -- Kris Hill, Wilson; Lilli Foundation -- Messner; Shaffer-Rothenberg -- Colangelo; Arthur-Ruth Moebius -- Beau Calcei, Kravetz, Josie Minton, Bennett, Best, Sheehan, Brittany Towers, Becca Sirk.