by Deborah GuziakReporterBrimfield -- Like almost every motorist, Dan Compton is fed up with gasoline prices. Now, he's taken matters into his own hands in an attempt to drive down the cost of gas.Compton, a Brimfield resident, has started Fed Up Energy League, or FUEL for short. He points to the cost of gas at the pumps, roughly $3.50 a gallon, and then claims that the major gas companies are recording record profits that run into the billions.A car salesman who has served in the U.S. Marines for several years and who has held executive positions in three communications companies, Compton believes the gas prices at the pumps is a result of the lack of competition among the oil companies."FUEL's goal is to force competition back into the industry by continuing not to buy from one major oil company until they significantly lower prices," he said.Which of the three major companies -- Exxon-Mobile, Texaco or Shell -- the group shall boycott has not been determined at this time."We're not out to put the mom and pop stores or the convenience stores out of business," he said. "We want people to still stop and buy things in the store, just not the gas. We're hoping the stores will switch suppliers."It is the group's thoughts that boycotting one major gas company would cause the company to lower its prices to get its customers back, thus forcing the other two large companies to lower their prices to compete.Currently, the group is seeking members. Membership fees are minimal and will be used for advertising. For more information, visit's note: Guziak is a reporter for the Record-Courier.