To respond to letters to the Editor in the May 30th issue regarding the school levy~ On the ballot last November there was an alternative to the traditional Property Tax Levy. It was a 1/2% Income Tax Levy. It would NOT have collected funds from pensions or Social Security. However, it was voted down. In addition, those on "fixed incomes" are not the only ones affected with price increases. We are a family of six and our income is not keeping up with the rising costs of gas, utilities or food either. However, because we recognize the value of a good education, we have continued to make the neccessary sacrafices in order to live in a community that is known for it's great schools. You may not have children in school at this time but you benefit from our schools and likewise you will suffer if it fails. Property values drop and crime is higher in areas where schools are failing. If our school levy continues to fail, families who can will leave Stow in search of a community who will fund the schools. New families will not move into Stow and property values will drop. This will be just the begining of a potentially devestating chain reaction and will affect EVERYONE living in Stow.