by Kristin Casale


Stow -- Police are asking the community to help solve 17 burglaries that have occurred throughout the city during the past three weeks.

According to Stow Police Lt. Rick Myers, a rash of burglaries, in which someone kicked open the front doors of homes, took place in the area of Ritchie and Arndale roads May 10, he said.

Another group of similar incidents also took place in the Hudson Drive area the week of May 21, Myers said.

"It's been a substantial number," he said. "It's difficult to say if they are related. The pattern is continuing. We are seeking assistance from the community, asking people to watch their neighborhoods for any suspicious activity."

Myers said residents should watch for people loitering in their neighborhoods, and they should watch for people in homes that normally are unoccupied during certain times.

Anyone with information or anyone who witnesses a burglary is asked to call Stow Police at 330-689-5700.

Myers said there are two possible suspects who may have been involved in the incidents.

Officers are searching for a black male with short hair weighing 310 to 340 pounds, he said. The male was seen in the northern center of the city driving a white or silver Taurus or a Tempo with a 30-day registration tag on the vehicle when several May 10 burglaries were reported, Myers said.

Officers also are searching for a female who may be involved in the burglaries, he said.

"A female used a credit card that was stolen [during] one of the burglaries," he said, stating the female fled the Kent Road Target May 10 after employees determined the card she used to pay for a purchase was stolen.

Myers said Target provided surveillance photographs of the female to police, but he was unable to determine the female's estimated age, weight or height.

Myers said he is unsure of the total value of the items that were stolen during all of the reported burglaries, but "many thousands [of dollars worth of items] have been taken."

"A lot of the burglars are stealing cash, jewelry -- easily transported items," he said.


Phone: 330-686-3917