Cuyahoga Falls City Council is slated to vote tonight on a proposed water-sharing agreement with Akron that has been in development for three years.

The agreement is accompanied by a proposed tax-sharing agreement and separate boundary adjustments. The deals were developed after Akron and Cuyahoga Falls city officials began meeting in 2004 as part of an agreement that closed the Hardy Road landfill.

The water and tax sharing agreement mainly impacts homes and businesses along Akron-Peninsula Road from Portage Trail to Towpath Village. While these locations are in Cuyahoga Falls, they receive Akron water.

The boundary adjustment involves four properties off Smith Road to be transferred to Akron and one property off Ascot Parkway to be transferred to Cuyahoga Falls. If the agreement is approved, Akron would gain approximately 23 acres while Cuyahoga Falls would gain more than 20 acres.

If Council approves the agreements tonight, Akron City Council would need to approve them before they could take effect. Akron City Council convenes June 4.