by Ellin Walsh


Peninsula -- On its first attempt, the sophomore class at Woodridge High School met the state passage requirement on each section of the Ohio Graduation Test.

Superintendent Dr. Jeff Graham says he continues to be impressed, but is not surprised by the results achieved by 10th-graders in his district.

Terri Sigler, director of curriculum and instruction for the Woodridge Local School District, reports the percentage of 10th-graders at or above the proficient level as follows: reading, 94 percent; mathematics, 88 percent; writing, 94 percent; citizenship, 85 percent; and science, 81 percent.

"All indicators were met at the 10th-grade [level]," according to Sigler, noting the state requirement is 75 percent for each subject area.

" ... Credit goes to a talented teaching staff who cares about students and a sophomore class who took the test seriously and put their best efforts toward it," Sigler reported. "Just like anything we do, we will take time to study the data over the summer, so we can learn from it -- what were students' strengths and areas that need to be addressed next school year. We are always striving to learn and be the best that we can be so we can help students achieve."


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