The city of Stow has instituted two programs to assist Stow homeowners with maintenance to improve the quality of housing in Stow.

The housing assistance program offers qualified applicants a 0-percent loan, a 3-percent loan, or a matching loan to cover all or part of the costs of labor and materials to rehabilitate a single-family home that is not in compliance with the city's housing code. The rehabilitation may include roofing, siding, porch repairs, new windows or gutters. Stow homeowners also may qualify for a refund of up to $250 to offset the cost of paint and related supplies through the paint refund program, for exterior painting of their homes.

To qualify for either the housing assistance program or the paint refund program, residents must own and occupy a single-family home in Stow, and must meet certain income eligibility requirements as determined by the city.

To apply, residents must complete an application, and attach documentation and verification of income. The application must then be submitted to the city of Stow for review and possible approval.

These programs for Stow homeowners were initiated in 2004.

To date, more than $57,000 has been loaned to residents through the housing assistance program, and more than $3,700 has been reimbursed to residents through the paint refund program.

For additional information, call the zoning compliance officer at 330-689-2701 or visit