by Phil Keren


Silver Lake -- Village Council's rookie member said an ex-Cuyahoga Falls City Councilman was instrumental in his decision to vie for the post.

Don Alexander said former Falls City Councilman George Potts -- who worked with Alexander at Falls Lumber and Architectural Millwork -- played a role in his decision to apply.

"He was very much an inspiration for me wanting to do this," said Alexander, who noted Potts submitted a letter of recommendation to the village encouraging Alexander's appointment to Council.

Alexander said Potts taught him "to listen, to be available, [and] to be fair, and that tough decisions are part of the job.

In his letter, Potts said Alexander took a "keen interest" in Potts' work on Falls Council and led an effort to move Falls Lumber and Millwork from Akron back to Cuyahoga Falls.


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