On March 28, 2007 Aurora's Chief of Police obtained a "felony sealed search warrant" from the infamous Judge Plough to enter the home and seize the property of a citizen in his community. Its been 55+ days now Chief, You took all you could, and NO ARRESTS? What kind of investigations do you conduct? You had probable cause to enter someones home and seize property but no probable cause to Arrest a "FELON" who committed a felony? So a CRIMINAL is on the streets? What is up here? Is this a matter of the Corruption Judge Plough is being investigated for rolling down hill?

Or is it your rendition of Auroras Wild Wild West bustin down doors stealing in the name of law?

Moreover is this about the word on the streets you seized property of the citizen over another citizen complaining that a Myspace Profile was online featuring that citizen breaking the law?

Maybe you are still in the "wild wild west" but freedom of speech under our first amendment rights, and as it relates to Internet is protected, so what is this about, truly?

Oh, SlapShot abuse of your power to "Keep This Property?"

Seems the latter is more than likely the answer. How much of the city of auroras money have you wasted on Policing Myspace profiles? Police Surveillence and all your police details, Im sure the People of Aurora as well as Further East are curious and would LIKE TO KNOW!!!!