by Kristin Casale


Munroe Falls -- While River Day's primary purpose is to clean up the Cuyahoga River, this year's event had a little something for everyone.

The May 19 event, which focused on volunteers removing brush from the north streambank, took place in conjunction with several other outings.

The Munroe Falls Fire Rescue Association provided a pancake breakfast at the main fire station, while the Munroe Falls Garden Club sold plants during its annual spring sale. The Munroe Falls Historical Museum also was open to the public.

These events took place on the same day to provide a community outing to the public, said City Council President Mike O'Donnell.

He noted, "This is the biggest turnout I've ever seen," while attending the pancake breakfast.

Signs for the events were displayed along Route 91 and Munroe Falls Avenue. Selinda Snyder said she and her son, Jeff, were on their way to a nearby eatery, but opted to have pancakes at the fire station, instead.

"We saw the sign," she said. "It was nice."

Garden Clubmember Elsie Ball said she believes hosting the events on the same day also benefited the plant sale.

While it was set to begin at 10 a.m., Ball said the sale began early because "we had customers already."

Meanwhile, down by the river, Twin Falls United Methodist Church Boy Scout Troop 172 picked up brush to make a picnic area.

River Day attendees also were able to view information about the river and listen to music from the band Implied Logic and musician Guy Pernetti.

Munroe Falls Parks and Recreation Boardmember Linda Leonard said River Day normally is known for being the city event that takes place on a rainy day, but the weather this year was warm and sunny.

"It's going well," she said May 19.

Councilmember Gary Toth agreed.

"I don't know that we could have asked for a better day," he said. "We have a nice group of Scouts, and they're moving the brush."

Boy Scout Cody Anderson said he enjoyed working during River Day.

"I've been coming for years," he said. "Every year, I usually end up doing the cleaning thing."

Park Board Chairperson Ron Meyer estimated 150 people attended the event this year, up from last year's count of 50.

Stow resident Karlen Larr was a first-time visitor to River Day this year.

"I've never seen it, and it was a nice day to come and enjoy it," she said, stating she plans to attend next year. "They did a wonderful job. This is such a wonderful area."


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