by Ken Lahmers


Aurora -- Although dates have not been determined, the city will observe Emerald Ash Borer Awareness Week in the near future.

The Ohio Emerald Ash Borer Task Force is observing the occasion this week to raise public awareness about the ash tree-killing insect and efforts under way to slow its spread.

Aurora arborist Courtney Schumm announced at the May 15 tree commission meeting that dates eventually will be set for a local observance.

The week highlight the importance of cooperation and support by citizens, tourists, communities, governments and industry partners to slow the spread of the pest.

During the week, residents are urged to learn more about EAB and adhere to state and federal quarantines that ban movement of ash trees and non-coniferous firewood from Ohio's quarantined areas.

EAB is an exotic, invasive insect that attacks and kills native ash trees. The pest made its appearance in western Ohio in 2003

The larvae live under the bark and are creamy white, segmented and an inch in length.

Affected trees might ex-hibit one-eighth-inch, D-shaped exit holes in the bark and serpentine tunnels packed with sawdust under the bark.

Schumm said high profile ash trees around the city will be tagged, and she plans to have some EAB information posted on the city's Web site soon.

Tree planting efforts

In other business at the tree panel's session, Schumm reported on the city's spring tree planting activities.

Eighteen trees were planted and two were replaced in the Memorial Tree Garden at Sunny Lake. "The new plantings are the most at any one time," she noted.

Overall, city parks and recreation department crews planted 221 trees, including 40 each at Surfside Circle and Campus Drive in the southern industrial zone.

Other areas where trees were planted were Surfside Court, Lakes of Aurora, Woodview Estates, Wellington and Leighton School and Valley Christian Aca-demy.

One hundred saplings also were planted on the Moebius Nature Center and Harmon farm grounds.

Schumm said the city bought the saplings from Portage Soil and Water Conservation District and was reimbursed by the Audubon Society.

She added $6,574 remains in the 2007 tree planting budget out of the total $15,000, while $619 remains in the Memorial Tree Garden budget.

The commission plans to release the name of its Arbor Day citizen of the year soon.


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