by Ken Lahmers


Aurora -- The issue of parking commercial and recreational vehicles on residential properties will head back to City Council for discussion, planning commission members decided last week.

Addressing concerns put forward by Ward 6 Councilman Tom Dreher, the panel briefly discussed the matter at its May 16 meeting.

After receiving some complaints from constituents, Dreher took the issue to a recent meeting of Council saying revisions to the present ordinance might be needed. Council then re-ferred it to the commission.

Chapter 1163.03 of the city's zoning code states any commercial vehicle de-signed to carry more than one ton or a recreational vehicle which exceeds 28 feet in length, 8 feet in width and 11 feet in height must be stored inside a building.

The chapter also spells out requirements as to how far from lot lines commercial and recreational vehicles which are smaller than those dimensions can be parked.

In some cases, such vehicles are required to be screened from streets running in front of the properties and from adjacent properties.

NO MORE than two commercial and/or recreational vehicles can be stored on a lot at any one time, and major repairs are not allowed to be made unless the vehicles are in an enclosed building.

Planning-Zoning-Building Director Rich Wehrenberg explained Chapter 1163.05 "has been on the books" since 2000.

Councilman-planning panelist Joe Kastelic said the chapter could affect some 200 residents, and thus the issue should not be taken lightly.

Wehrenberg said it is the zoning inspector's responsibility to enforce the commercial-recreational vehicles parking ordinance along with many other enforcement duties.

Legal adviser Tom Reitz said since manpower is lacking, the city may have to look at hiring a person if it intends to strictly enforce the ordinance.

Panelist Joe Vero said some subdivision homeowners associations have their own rules which limit parking of such vehicles on properties and wondered whether the chapter should exclude them.

Reitz said he would not recommend those subdivisions be exempted because the homeowners' regulations could change and thus would be out of line with the overall intent of the ordinance.


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