National Park

opens art show

The Cuyahoga Valley National Park Association announced the opening of the art show "Ecosystems: Visual Echoes," which displays works by Martin K. Huehner.

The show will run through May 25 at the Seiberling Gallery, in the administrative offices of CVNPA.

Martin Huehner is a professor of environmental studies and art at Hiram College whose work is influenced by the natural world.

"My artwork is strongly informed by my previous career as a biologist and geologist, and this manifests itself in my attraction to natural processes and the time scales on which they occur. The medium I work in most is clay, which is itself a product of chemical weathering of igneous and metamorphic rocks," Huehner said.

One piece of Huehner's work that will be on display is "Time Capsule."

"My Time Capsules series provides viewers with a glimpse into geological, evolutionary, and ecological time that prevails in forest ecosystems, and consists of samples that represent these different ages," Huehner said. "When viewing this installation we are invited to place the typical span of human life in its sequence."

The Seiberling Gallery is located at 1403 West Hines Hill Road in Peninsula. For more information, call 330-657-2909.