by Ellin Walsh


Cuyahoga Falls -- Like one of the expertly-crafted mysteries which line its shelves, the staff of the Cuyahoga Falls Library have a puzzle to unravel. Who was Leo Gorup and why did he leave more than $200,000 from his estate to the library?

Library Director Kevin Rosswurm says he spoke with Gorup's attorney's office after being notified of the $230,726.94 gift and "the attorneys have no idea why Mr. Gorup decided to name the library in his will.

"So far," Rosswurm adds, "I've not found anyone in the library that has a distinct memory of any of the Gorup brothers in the library."

A member of the library's Board of Trustees, though, has come across someone who says Leo was a frequent library user throughout his life, Rosswurm reports.

According to Rosswurm, there were four Gorup brothers -- Leo, Alfred, Adam and Joseph -- and none of them married. The siblings lived in a house on State Road and Adam and Leo died within a short time of each other. Rosswurm says he knows nothing about the fate of the others.

"When their property was sold, after the death of Leo," Rosswurm says, "the library received a portion of the proceeds." Leo Gorup died Feb. 28, 2004.

During its May 15 meeting the library's Board of Trustees decided to place Gorup's gift in the library's Building Fund. As of the end of April, Rosswurm reports there was $1,457,380 in the Building Fund. The Gorup money will be included in May totals, he said.

"We have no specific plans now," Rosswurm said, "but the money will be used to help pay for any major capital improvements we might undertake in the future.

"We are extremely grateful to receive this generous donation," Rosswurm added, "and very pleased that Mr. Gorup thought so highly of the library and our service that he named us in his will."


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