by Andrea Cole

Associate Editor

Stow -- A Hudson man awaits trial after being accused of causing a disturbance in the Stow-Munroe Falls Public Library two months ago for protesting what he believed was a military recruiting effort.

Timothy L. Coil, who has pleaded not guilty to fourth-degree misdemeanor disorderly conduct, is set to appear in Cuyahoga Falls Municipal Court June 5 for a trial.

Stow Police Chief Louis Dirker said Coil, 40, was arrested March 12 after he allegedly refused to leave the library.

"Police gave him four or five warnings," said Dirker.

Coil declined to comment on the case. His attorney, William Whitaker, did not return calls by press time.

Coil's wife, Yvette, said while she and her husband were at the library, she noticed two men, whom she believed to be military recruiters, in a meeting room.

"I heard the recruiters talking to a young guy," she said. "My husband is a Gulf War veteran, who is 100 percent disabled with post traumatic stress disorder. When I heard the pitch, I thought, I have spent the last 16 years taking care of my husband, I don't want that for anyone else."

Dirker said it is not clear whether the two men in the meeting room were military recruiters, stating they were dressed in army fatigues.

Representatives from both the Cuyahoga Falls and Ravenna Army recruiting offices say they did not have recruiters at the library that day. Officials from the National Guard did not return calls by press time.

Yvette Coil said she and her husband placed a notecard that stated "Don't do it -- military recruiters lie" in the window of the meeting room.

They placed another notecard that stated, "There's no honor in fighting for a president that lies" in the window.

According to Yvette Coil, 15 minutes later a man in fatigues asked who placed the notecards in the window. When she admitted to doing it, the man asked for her name, and Coil said she refused to give her name.

Coil said a library employee gave her permission to place the notecards in the window.

However, Coil said, Library Executive Director Doug Dotterer told her that she could not place the notecards in the window because they may be offensive.

Dirker said Dotterer, who declined to comment on the case, then called police after which Timothy Coil "became loud and belligerent."

According to Yvette Coil, two Stow police officers arrived and asked her and her husband to leave. Coil said that after her husband yelled, "Don't recruit in the library," he was arrested outside.

"We're not trying to bridge the right to free speech," said Dirker. "[He was] creating a disturbance."


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