In November, five classes of sixth-graders from Lakeview Intermediate School had the opportunity to go camping at Pilgrim Hills in Brinkhaven. This opportunity was available to us, in part, because of the wonderful adult chaperones (parents and older siblings of sixth-graders) who volunteered their time to go camping for the three days prior to Thanksgiving. The chaperones, however, did not just volunteer their time. They left the comforts of their homes to sleep in small cabins with an average of eight students (who rarely fell asleep before midnight). On behalf of Lakeview teachers Debbie Baughman, Kristie Drake, Pam Gillespie and Jason Holmes, I would like to thank our chaperones, who approached this task with optimism and courage. Once we reached camp, they calmed fears, soothed homesickness, listened to concerns, offered advice and support, entertained and organized free-time events. Many of our students came away from camp with stories and lessons learned from these chaperones, who they continue to mention on a regular basis. The guidance, support, entertainment and experience shared by the wonderful chaperones who accompanied us speak volumes about their character and heart. We couldn't have asked for better volunteers to help guide and mold our students. The children, as well as our school district, are lucky and thankful to have such caring and encouraging role models in our community. Kim LockhartLakeview Principal