by Andrea Cole

Associate Editor

Stow -- City officials have given TRC Industrial one month to clear the air.

TRC Industrial, which is located on Commerce Drive, has changed its process of recycling rubber, and the new process is emitting an odor, according to Mayor Karen Fritschel. City officials are working with the company, and want the odor reduced or eliminated by Feb. 28, said Fritschel during the Jan. 25 City Council meeting.

TRC officials could not be reached for comment by press time.

Councilmember Janet D'Antonio said she wants the odor eliminated.

"I see it as a nuisance," she said. "The company has been here for 12 years, but the neighbors have been here a lot longer. TRC needs to get rid of the odor."

Higby Drive resident Don Popa complained of the odor during the Council meeting.

"I invite any of you to visit my home and you will be able to smell it," Popa told city officials. "Even drive by [TRC], and you'll smell the odor."

Councilmember Mary Bednar said she wants the issue resolved.

"[Residents] did not build their houses there after the situation started," she said. "I don't think it's fair to residents. Economic development is important, but the city is here for the residents."

According to Law Director Joe Haefner, the city could fine TRC for "offensive odors."

"If they do not remove the smell, a complaint for noxious odors could be filed in Cuyahoga Falls Municipal Court," he said. "We would have neighbors [of the business] come in as witnesses. If the court determined the company violated city law, [TRC] could be fined each day the odor continued. Another option could be to prohibit the company from using the process."

However, Fritschel said she hopes the odor is eliminated.

"We are trying hard to get it resolved," she said. "Last week, the [Environmental Protection Agency] took air samples, and they are trying to see whether it is protein giving off the odor."


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