by Colin McEwen


Stow -- Trustees are considering changing the name of The Stow-Munroe Falls Public Library to "Stow-Munroe Falls Library."

"We are trying to segue into changing our look," said Library Executive Director Doug Dotterer, who proposed the name change. "A lot of libraries are leaving 'public' out."

Library Clerk Treasurer Linda Sutherland said the library changed its name in 1996 to include Munroe Falls, after being known as Stow Public Library.

Dotterer said he believes the name is too long and shortening the name could help to "streamline the library's image."

Sutherland could not provide an estimated cost to change the name of the library, saying the issue is in the early stages of discussion. She said the item will appear on the agenda for the Board's next regular meeting, scheduled for Feb. 26 at 7 p.m. in the library, located at 3512 Darrow Road.

The trustees have agreed to consider the name change; however, Board President Mike Walsh said he is concerned a name change may cause people to think the library is no longer public.

"I can see the benefit of changing the name, but I don't like the idea of taking the word 'public' out," said Walsh. "It is an interesting idea."

Library to close Feb. 25 for system upgrade

The trustees unanimously agreed to close the library for one day Feb. 25 to allow a smooth transition to the library's new computer online database system, said Dotterer.

Koha, the new and innovative "open source" library system, will manage, catalogue and track the circulation of the library's holdings. It will replace the current system, Sirsi-Dynix.

Dotterer said the new system will save the library money.

The cost of the new system is $51,000, as opposed to as much as "three to five times" that of other programs.

Dotterer said the library would have to pay more than $200,000 to stay with the current system and upgrade the software.

The annual cost for the software will be $13,000.

"We will own our software and upgrade it ourselves," said Dotterer.

The library's current software, Sirsi-Dynix, is leased to the library, and the annual costs for maintenance is approximately $19,000, he said.

"As a community organization, we cannot afford to fall behind the technology curve," he said, adding the library will need to close for the day to test the system to make sure it is working properly.

"Every library has an online catalogue -- our [catalogue] will be state of the art," said Dotterer. "This is the system of the future. Our patrons will be thrilled and excited. The taxpayer is the winner here."

Library to build

new fence

Trustees also approved a measure to build a $14,585 fence around the library's property.

Dotterer said the current fence, which was installed nine years ago, is in disrepair.

Work is set to begin in the spring, depending on the weather, said Dotterer. The trustees also approved a measure to "re-evaluate and upgrade" the security camera system. Dotterer said the new cameras will cost approximately $9,000 to install.


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