by Andrea Cole

Associate Editor

Stow -- With the creation of three sublots, 8 acres of land has been set aside for the future Stow Municipal Court.

Stow City Council has approved a proposal to create three sublots on Steels Pointe Drive, near the Route 8 interchange.

The property is owned by Steels Pointe Group LLC, and 8 acres will be purchased for the court site.

The site for the new facility is located at the northwest corner of the Steels Corner Road and Route 8 interchange, near Damon's Grill.

According to Judge Kim Hoover, the court will comprise 32,000 square feet of space and a 6,000-square-foot basement for storage.

The estimated cost to build the new courthouse and purchase the land for the facility is $10 million, which will be paid from a special projects fund set up by the court, he said.

The fund has accumulated a little more than $1 million, said Hoover.

During its Jan. 25 meeting, Council approved purchasing the land for the court, which will open in Stow in 2009.

"This was always the land we were looking at," said Councilmember Janet D'Antonio. "It really fits the need for all the communities, with people coming from all over the county. The other two sublots on the property will be used for offices, and possibly a restaurant."

Stow Youth Baseball

to add field, parking

During its Jan. 25 meeting, City Council also approved the addition of a baseball field and a 29-vehicle parking lot to Stow Youth Baseball on Hudson Drive.

Stow Youth Baseball President Dr. Leo Kline said he expects to add the field and parking lot this spring.

Although Councilmembers said they are concerned the field will lead to additional traffic in the area, Planning Director Ken Trenner said a $5.5 million project to widen Steels Corners and Allen roads will begin in 2008. Construction on the roads is expected to last nine months.

"The improvements are geared toward moving traffic through the intersection," said Trenner. "The improvements were based on a more intense use of the area than a baseball field."

Councilmember John Wysmierski supports adding the field and parking lot.

"[Stow Youth Baseball] addresses a need in the community, and we can always use another baseball field," he said. "With the road improvements, the traffic will eventually clear up."

Kline said the additional parking lot primarily will be used Monday through Friday between 5:30 and 8:30 p.m. Kline declined to provide the cost to add the field and the parking lot.

Editor's note: Reporter Kristin Casale contributed to this report.


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