by Kristin Casale


Munroe Falls -- Tom Teodosio said he looks forward to making his home a two-judge household as he follows in the footsteps of his wife, Judge Linda Tucci-Teodosio.

Teodosio will assume his position as a Summit County Court of Common Pleas judge in May, stating he always wanted to enter the judicial field but delayed the decision to spend more time with his family.

But once his children went off to college, he said, the time was right to change his career.

"After I made the decision, I felt really comfortable with it," said Teodosio. "I'm really excited."

Teodosio will replace Common Pleas Judge Jane Bond May 17, when he will begin a six-year term. He currently is halfway through his second four-year term on Summit County Council, but he must leave that position and his law practice -- Teodosio, Manos and Ward, to serve as a judge. Teodosio said he is unsure when his last day with his law firm and his last day on County Council will be.

Tucci-Teodosio, who has served as the judge of the Summit County Juvenile Court for four years, joked her husband decided to enter the judicial world because he "saw how much fun I was having."

She encouraged him to pursue a position as a judge when he brought up his intention to run for the office.

"I've really enjoyed my time on the bench," said Tucci-Teodosio. "Knowing Tom, he'll do a great job. I never realized how much of an ambition he had for it. I'm glad he let me go first."

The couple have lived in Munroe Falls for 16 years with their college-age children, Andrea and Chris, and their dogs, Liberty and Justice. Both 50, they have been married for 23 years. The couple met while attending law school at the University of Akron, and they have 50 years of combined experience in the legal system.

While Teodosio is new to the judicial profession, Tucci-Teodosio is veteran judge. She served as a magistrate with the Akron Municipal Court from 1990 to 1997, then as a judge with the Cuyahoga Falls Municipal Court for five years. Her term as the juvenile court judge expires in 2008.

Tucci-Teodosio said she believes her husband will excel as a judge, though it is important for him to remember a few things about the profession.

"The biggest thing I say is, 'Think things through. Don't feel hurried.' Newer judges ... feel like [they] have to know everything right away. He's a good listener, which I think you have to be if you're a good judge."

Even though Teodosio's term does not begin until May, their acquaintances already are noting he and his wife soon will become a two-judge household.

"I think it's probably fairly unique," said Teodosio, stating while he is accustomed to those comments, he still is getting used to being addressed as "Judge Teodosio."

Despite that, though, Teodosio said he wishes his term already was in progress.

"I'm really looking forward to this endeavor from the other side of the bench," he said.

The couple spends little time at home, because they are involved in a number of public activities. When not in court, Tucci-Teodosio volunteers with local youth and adult leadership programs. Teodosio, meanwhile, is a member of the Stow Schools Foundation, the Stow-Munroe Falls Chamber of Commerce and the Stow-Munroe Falls Rotary Club, among other organizations.

Because the couple is so busy, they try to set aside time on Friday nights to relax at home over dinner.

"We like being busy, though," Teodosio said. "Every night of the week, we could be doing something."


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