The results are in for the 2007 Scholastic Art Awards and Aurora High School students excelled once again.Out of 67 individual works of art sent to the competition, 43 were selected for recognition. The award-winning entries will be displayed until Feb. 8 at the Kent State University Stark Campus.The awards ceremony will be Saturday at 10 a.m. at KSU Stark's conference center. Judges boiled down 134 portfolios to 17 and 3,513 entries to 319 silver and gold keys.Gold key winners from Aurora are Dinah Chen (eight), Danielle Dobies (three) and Sara Mirolli, Alyssa Johnson and Monica Cronin (two each).Single winners are Emma Kropp, Joe Lawrie, Spencer Barnes, Vince Katona, Rebecca Williams, Andrew Frank, Danielle Lewandow-ski and Katy Filarski.Digital images of the gold key art will be sent to New York City for national competition. Chen had her portfolio of eight works accepted into the competition for national and scholarship consideration.AHS silver key winners are Tabitha Lee and Dobies (two each) and Anna Behra, Briana Johnson-Sims, Emily Carr, Arianne Keshock, Brendon Roberto, Holly Gamble, Josie Minton, Danielle Law and Filarski.Honorable mention winners are Carr, Filarski, Frank, Johnson-Sims and Jessie Marsch. These works will be displayed in AHS's main showcase beside the media center until the end of February.