The bar has been raised for extravagant Valentine gift spending, thanks to a downtown Hudson restaurant.Vue Restaurant and Lounge on Village Way in First & Main on Jan. 15 introduced the $1,500 Diamond Martini for "that hard-to-buy-for loved one." The beverage is a mixture of Stoli Elite Vodka and ice, served straight up in a Swarovski crystal embedded martini glass. However, the drink earns its name and pricetag from its jeweled accent piece.Jewelry Art of Hudson created a 4 1/2-inch long white and yellow gold stick pin with 15 round diamonds and accented with a peridot bead "olive" to take the place of the fancy toothpick that usually carries a martini's two-olive garnish. A purchase of the martini also includes free refills for an evening and dinner.There is only one $1,500 martini available, so it would truly be a one-of-a-kind gift. "Yeah, it's extravagant," says Vue General Manager Mike Tomaselli, "but obviously it's going to appeal to a niche market."Tomaselli, who once worked for a restaurant that marketed and sold one $500 Albert Belle Burger, said one of Vue's owners had been floating the idea of the $1,500 martini around for a while. The restaurant finally got together with Jewelry Art in time to market the piece for Valentine's Day.So far, the restaurant has had "more jokers than buyers," said Tomaselli. "It's a lot of fun, and people like to talk about it." Count me among those talkers. I don't come from a background that would lead me to buy such an item. I recall one Valentine's Day when my dad gave my mom a rock he found in the garden that was kind of shaped like a heart. The next year, my mom gave him the rock back, but had spray-painted it gold and wrote "Bill loves Linda" on it in macaroni letters.I also spend to much time with husbands who groan about Valentine's Day.That's not to say I haven't had my Valentine's Day moments. I once bought my wife tickets to a Broadway show and made reservations at a nearby hotel. I tacked the reservation number and tickets to the date of the show in a calendar, which I wrapped and gave her in front of her parents.Of course, the problem with setting the bar so high early in a marriage is you're expected to match that on future holidays. A stuffed Tigger and a gift certificate for a free massage that you picked up at a community expo doesn't seem to cut it.Husbands who need to meet high expectations can look to Vue's $1,500 martini for help this year. Hopefully somebody in Hudson will offer something equally extravagant next year so the person that buys it doesn't wind up in the dog house.My wife will not get a $1,500 martini. It's not that I'm cheap, it's just that she will be nursing our second child, so she shouldn't drink alcohol.I'll probably go rock hunting instead.E-mail: bhammerstrom@recordpub.comPhone: 330-686-3944