Well it has been about a year since I joined those of you who read this column. Just to refresh your memory, we talked about the many denominations that worship God differently and emphasize certain aspects of God in their belief statements and doctrine. If we examine them, we find that most, if not all, are Biblical concepts.

We concluded that a possible explanation for these differences could be that God is so great and vast (after all, God did create the universe) that every one of us is trying to understand the mystery of it all and our denominations stem from the aspects we feel we comprehend.

Today, I am intrigued by how many churches of different doctrinal persuasions have the term "trinity" as part of their name. We have several here in Ashland County. Trinity is the concept that one God is revealed in three different ways or persons for the purpose of carrying out the mission of bringing creation back into balance as it was in the beginning. Balance begins with relationship.

The trinity is the perfect example of a stable functioning relationship even though the three persons of the trinity could not be more different. The Father is in charge calling the shots but is not oppressive or demanding. There is no need because the Son, Jesus Christ (God as a human being), loves to carry out what the Father desires, which is to share unconditional love with the world and bring everyone into the same glorious relationship as God and Jesus enjoy.

However, not everyone in this world is ready or willing to enter this relationship. Many say there is no such thing as unconditional love. There has to be a catch. Nothing is free.

Jesus encountered these criticisms and was ridiculed, abused, threatened and eventually executed for promoting such a preposterous idea. However, God the Father was not going to let his desire be destroyed by a handful of people that would not accept the offer. The Creator used the creative power to bring Jesus back to life and thus demonstrated relationship is able to overpower death itself.

Oh, I almost forgot. There is a third part of God, the Holy Spirit. The Spirit, which can flow into our inner being or soul, gives comfort and assurance that when we enter the relationship of the trinity we are never alone.

Jesus told us right before his execution that when he went back to join the Father, the Spirit would come and teach us all we needed to know to get the maximum benefits of relationship with God.

So how are we doing on relationships? We have the perfect example so whether your church name has trinity as part of it or not, God desires that we all become one just as Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one. God bless you all.