Ashland Business and Professional Women met Monday, Feb. 5, 2018 at Tim Horton’s for the monthly dinner meeting.

Doug Fitch, guest speaker, is a pharmacist in Ashland. He and his wife have three grown children.

His topic was "Bees A Buzzin." He is a certified organic farmer. His goal is to have a diverse farm, not specializing in one type of agriculture.

Fitch has been interested in bees for 30 years. To learn about bees, he has read every book about them. However, the best way he learned was to go to the most successful bee keeper and talk to him.

Fitch has nine hives, but his goal is to have 50 hives. He has observed that the meaner the bee, the more honey it produces.

One challenge facing bee keepers is mites getting into hives.

The queen bee is the largest and fattest in the hive. She has both the egg and sperm in her body. The queen will mate with 12 drones. She may lay between 5,000 and 6,000 eggs in a day.

A bee keeper should get bees with good genetic backgrounds.

Plants that attract bees are Russian sage, milkweed, Joe-pye weed and hyssop. If a plant attracts butterflies, it also attracts bees.

Ohio has laws that protect bees.

Activity slows down in the beehives in the winter. The bees just try to survive.

President Carolyn Hrinda conducted the business meeting. She encouraged individual monetary donations to the BPW/OHIO Women’s Retirement Foundation. Ashland BPW will make a donation again this year.

The local club will sponsor a girl to Buckeye Girls State.

Members and friends are encouraged to continue to donate items for garage sales.

Beth Wood, Kathy Norris and Karen McCready were elected to the nominating committee.

Next month’s meeting will be March 5 at Council on Aging. The movie, "Equal Means Equal," will be shown. January’s meeting was cancelled because of the weather.

Assisting with the meeting were Donna Workman, Norris and McCready.