It wasn’t pretty. At halftime it was 27-3. Bad guys. It got worse in the second half. The home crowd mourned as their team was totally dismantled. "Give me the ball," some fans thought. "I think I can make it from here."

The game mercifully ended. Final score 57-7.

A second game began 30 minutes later. This one was different. There was never more than four points difference. In the final minute, the visiting team held on to the ball for the last shot. Somehow, a player who all day had made many shots missed a lay-up.

A home team player grabbed the rebound. Score 50-50. We all held our breaths as our team raced to the other end of the floor. 5 … 4 … 3. Would we get it off in time? As they neared the bucket someone threw up a twisting, off-balance prayer. He missed. Foul!

With .4 seconds left on the clock, the crowd breathed a sigh of relief as the foul shot went through the hoop. Nothing but net. We win 51-50! A couple people began laughing. Someone in the crowd said, "So that is what winning feels like. It’s been so long. That was fun. Imagine if we could do that every week."

Psalm 68 is a victory Psalm. Israel was located on a major trade route. The country had a number of big, ugly neighbors, who throughout history seemed to take turns thumping on them. Egyptians, Assyrians and Babylonians played for keeps. How they longed for victory.

Psalm 68 is an invitation to sing about the true God who rules. He saves. He daily bears our burdens. This Psalm shows us that the true God is called Elohim — the God of creation; Jehovah — the God who makes covenants; Adonai — Master or Lord; and Shaddai — the Almighty One.

Psalm 68 expresses four thoughts about the true God who has chosen Jerusalem as the place to show His glory and strength.

God shows His mighty power, verses 1-6. He scatters His enemies. They are blown away like smoke, melted like wax. Those who follow Him can be glad because He is Lord. As Lord he is a father to the father-less and a defender of widows. Through His Son, Jesus, prisoners are set free.

God leads His people, verses 7-18. David reviewed the Exodus of Israel to show us the nature of God. The earth shakes before Him. He refreshes us. He gives us His word. He reigns. His Son Jesus ascended on high and will take His followers to be with Him to dwell with Him forever.

God rules among us, verses 19-27. God reigns over life and death. His Son Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. There is no other way to escape.

Finally, God rules the nations, verses 28-35. The true God’s power and dominion is not limited to one locale or nation. In the future every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord.

Are you tired of losing? Chose to love the One who rules over heaven and earth — Jesus Christ.

By Pastor George Swain, Homerville Grace Brethren Church