This year, the musical passion play "Tetelestai" will close its 40th Anniversary in Macedonia as it continues to bring the Good News of Easter to audiences throughout Ohio.

The final performances will be at The United Methodist Church of Macedonia, 1280 East Aurora Road April 13 and on Good Friday, April 14 at 8 p.m. each night. The play lasts approximately two hours with a short intermission. A reception follows each performance and affords an opportunity for the audience to meet and mingle with the cast and crew. Doors open approximately one hour before the performance. There is no admission charge; however free will offerings will be welcomed at the end of each performance.

The production has become a cherished tradition for many churches and families as they prepare for the holy season of Easter. Tetelestai's dramatic stage production and timeless music bring the story of Jesus' trial, execution and resurrection to life in a visual way that leaves a lasting impression. Faithful audience members see the play as a way of enhancing the services presented by their own churches.

The word Tetelestai means "It is finished," the last words of Jesus as He died on the cross. The volunteer cast and crew devote four months each year to rehearsals and performances. It is common for churches of different denominations to partner together to bring Tetelestai to their communities and congregations.

Tetelestai is produced locally by Cleveland Performing Arts Ministries. For further information visit or call Cleveland Performing Arts Ministries at 440-944-0635. Tetelestai is a registered service mark of Tetelestai, Inc. Cleveland Performing Arts Ministries is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.