Three Hudson residents have written books that have recently been published.

Elizabeth Gross' book, "Dream Accomplished," tells her personal story of her cancer journey and her thank you to Taylor Swift, who has shown a great deal of kindness to Gross, her daughter Page, and her husband Marc and helped her restore her spirits.

"27 different doctors, two cross-country hospital stays, 56 painful and nerve-wracking tests, two bone marrow biopsies, two surgeries, one round of debilitating chemo, and many, many hours spent trying to answer unanswerable questions."

Gross' book is an informational and inspirational true story of cancer, a mother's love and Taylor Swift.

It chronicles her story from diagnosis through tests and emotions and why she feel having a goal is so important. It's meant to inspire others not to give up. The book took her two years to write.

"When I was first diagnosed I read everything I could trying to answer questions like, 'What's this test like, does it hurt, what will happen?" and looking for other's who'd been a similar situation. I didn't find anything like I'd hoped I would, so decided maybe if I wrote something like that it could help someone else," Gross said. "I've written this book to help alleviate the fears of others."

Taylor Swift was her first "goal," reaching out to the star who is Page's hero.

"It completely reset the 'oomph' in my spirits and prioritized for me what is most important in life. For me that is enjoying everyday with my family and helping others," she said.

Softcover and e-book editions are available for sale on Gross' website and a portion of the profits from each book will be donated to cancer research.

Joy York is the former President of Hudson City School Board of Education, but is taking on a new role. York has always had a passion for writing and education, and now she's combining the two with her debut book, "The Bloody Shoes Affair: A Daring and Thrilling Adventure with the Jailer's Daughter."

In the novel, York draws inspiration from her own childhood in the 60's with her beautiful, daring cousin. Based off of their misadventures at the jailhouse her uncle ran, the first book of her thrilling murder mystery saga explores the pressures teenagers, especially girls, face to 'fit in' and be popular, an experience that defies generational gaps, the courage needed to do whatever it takes to seek justice for the innocent, against all odds and the irreplaceable bonds of family and how they evolve over time.

"The Bloody Shoes Affair" is a fresh take on young adult fiction -- a change in pace from the 'trendy' paranormal stories that are taking over the bookshelves. York hopes to inspire more teens to read, explore and gain personal connections in a world where social media is replacing human interaction.

It was published Feb. 19 and is available in-stores and online at all major booksellers.

Dawn M. Plass has published "Oliver Axel's Adventures: Here I Am, World!," a juvenile fiction book that gives emotional support to kids by helping them become more self-aware and to understand themselves better.

Young Oliver starts to have an adventure-filled life even before he is born. Fun, smart and intuitive, Oliver goes through rough times but is centered on the positive outcomes. With a hidden habit that he keeps to himself, his mom eventually addresses it to pacify him by discussing her own obsessive-compulsive disorder when she was a child.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

Plass has the mission to help children and their parents to identify and deal with mental health issues. She does that through the characters in her book.